CIBA Adjusted COVID-19 Ride Guidelines - Updated 8/22/20

Sun, June 28, 2020 10:14 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Guidelines for CIBA repeating rides starting June 2020:

-Masks are required at the start and end of any rides and any gathering element when bicyclists are not riding. 

-As of 6/28/2020, CIBA is allowing all ride formats repeating rides to resume/start at the ride leader's discretion/decision on June 4th, 2020. Please note there will be modifications to many of the rides including:

-Online sign in is required. No paper sign in. 

-Rides may have limited or no support - locations to purchase water and with other amenities will be noted. Rides may also have limited or no car SAG support, be on your own or self-supported. Some rides will be marked and others will not.        

***Please check the calendar so you are aware of the ride format, distance and support level before arriving. There will be modifications to our rides that we are unaccustomed to - CIBA appreciates your patience while we strive to protect rides and our communities. 

USA Cycling’s Group Ride Guidelines:

-Contactless sign-in is being implemented via the CIBA website and is required to participate in a scheduled CIBA ride. It will take place online and will follow the same “sign in once” protocol for repeating rides for the season - all other rides require sign in for each ride. Ride participants will be asked by ride leaders if they have signed in and if not, you will be asked to sign in using your mobile device at the ride start.

-Riders choose to join CIBA’s rides at your own risk and this is outlined in CIBA’s waiver. This is always the case but it needs to be acknowledged that COVID-19 presents a new risk when participating in group activities.  

-DO NOT come to rides if you are ill, have been ill recently or live with someone who has been ill.  If you have been ill, please do not come to a ride until you have been symptom-free for 14 days. 

-DO NOT come to rides if you have traveled to areas of spread (ie Florida) or had contact with known or possible COVID-19 patients. 

-Wash your hands. Cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing. Do not touch your face, mouth or eyes.  

-We ask that everyone (ride leaders and riders) remain physically distant and wear a mask at the ride start and ride end in the parking lot/start point and during any mid-ride stops.

-Riders should bring masks to wear at SAG stops, exercise physical distance and be sure to not litter PPE.

-Pacelines are highly discouraged and at the risk of the participants. We know this is counterintuitive to starting up rides however the data remains unclear as to transmission of COVID in groups. Note that research, while inconclusive, indicates that in order to avoid inhaling droplets or having them land on others, there is a need for 65 feet of distance - 10 bike lengths at 18 miles/hour with no wind. If riding in a paceline, riders will be exposed to those riding in front of them.

-After ride food/drinks/group socialization is at the risk of participants.

-For weekly repeating rides and any other rides where noted in the description, riders should be prepared to support yourself. 

-No communal/high touch water sources to be provided at ride start. 

-If the group is larger than 25 riders, ride leaders will institute staggered starts.  Groups may not be larger than 25. 

 If close groups and/or pacelines form:

-We ask that riders make sure and ask permission to join a group or paceline - do not do so without consent and riders should not expect automatic acceptance.

-All involved need to respect anyone’s stated consent on joining a group or paceline or asking someone to move out of their space. Circumstances remain far from normal and individuals will need to exercise understanding and respect in all communications. 

-If riders get to a “safe” spacing distance in a group, this will potentially cause traffic interference. Longer/spread out lines may be an impediment to traffic and create safety hazards.  We ask that riders space the groups out and leave passing zones for cars.

-Passing riders:  move out the full width of a lane if possible.  Pull out 20 feet back and don't pull back in too quickly.

-Any coughing/sneezing/spitting needs to be well away from others.  Pull out of line.


  • Thu, June 04, 2020 10:41 AM | Anonymous member
    Could you publish the maps and directions for the rides so we could do them individually?
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    • Thu, June 25, 2020 10:05 PM | Anonymous member
      Many Ride Maps, Cue Sheets and GPS Files are available to members when logged into Look under the Members section. There is also a link to info about the CIBA Ride With GPS Club Account under Members.
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