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Update as of Sunday 2/2/2020 - Spaces ARE SOLD OUT and 12 Tables available

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 Table Island A
 Status  Table Island B
 A1 Reserved  B1 Available
 A2 Lardinois  B2 Available
 A3 Brandt  B3 Reserved
 A4 Iverson  B4 Reserved
 A5 Cooper  B5 Available
 A6 Silas  B6 Mezykowski
 A7 Lezottee B7 J. Lopez
 A8 Toth  B8 Pichler
 A9 Stevens  B9 Metcalf
 A10 Stevens  B10 Kuehnen
 A11 Goldsmith  B11 Gomez
 A12 Reserved  B12 Phillips
 A13 Reserved  B13 Reserved
 A14 Reserved  B14 Mitchell
 A15Boyles  B15Myers 
 A16Reserved  B16Myers 

 Table Island C
 Status  Table Island D
 C1 Amon  D1 Hughes
 C2 Degunya  D2 Fetterer
 C3 Available  D3 Fetterer
 C4 Susdorf  D4 Witte
 C5 Robertson
 D5 Alcala
 C6 Sunshine  D6 Alcala
 C7 Ohlman  D7 Horn
 C8 Anagnostou
 D8 Available
 C9 Chinni  D9 SPACE 19 - Bender
 C10 Bowersock  D10 SPACE 19 - Bendier
 C11 Bowersock  D11 SPACE 20- Bender
 C12 Available  D12 SPACE 20 - Bender
 C13 Available  D13 Guillaum
 C14 Available  D14 Heise
 C15Keymon D15Gardner
 C16 Available D16Gardner 

O TABLES Status Spaces
O1 SPACE 18  S1 Peters
O2 SPACE 18  S2E Bluemoon Bikes
O3 SPACE 18  S3E Mortenson
O4  Available  S4E Remiasz
O5Available  S5E Remiasz
O6 Available  S6E STURGES
07 Freeman S7 Bicycle Garage Indy
O8 Freeman
S8 Bicycle Garage Indy

S9E Greene

S10E The Bike Rack

S11EThe Bike Rack

S12E Wilson

S13 Mutchler / Griffis

Events IslandStatus S15E Johnson
P1Orgs/Events Only S16E Kirk Bicycle
P2Bicycle Indiana S17E Kirk Bicycle
P3City of CarmelS18E The Bike Rack/Alardt
P4Indiana Wagon Wheel Bike TourSpace 19 Bender
 P5Bike IndianapolisSpace 20Bender
P6Tour De DonutCorner Spaces
 P7Derby City FondoCorner 1 -EBlue Grass Cycles
 P8Freewheelin Community BikesCorner 2-E The Bike Rack
P9B&O TourCorner 3-ENowalski
P1024 Foundation Corner 4-EScott 

E Tables  Status
E1  Grotland
E2 Available
E3 Rusin
E4 Rusin
 E6 Gale
E7 Walker

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