Thanks to all who volunteer to lead CIBA Rides. Scheduled rides are the most critical part of CIBA's success. Our members and prospective members count on them for enjoyment and fitness. 

There are two methods for becoming a confident Ride Leader. Ride Leader training classes offers information and interaction for questions and shared experiences with other ride leaders. The Ride Leader training classes are held at least once annually.

Another pathway is a one-on-one conference with a CIBA Ride Committee member for a discussion, to answer your questions and provide you with the confidence to organize a successful CIBA ride.

Persons interested to become a Ride Leader and to schedule a CIBA Ride event should contact the Ride Committee Chair at

The following 3 links can also be used for training to be a ride leader (depending on your browser configuration these may open in a window or be downloaded to your device where you can open them):

CIBA Ride Leader Workshop 2018 Rev 2.pdf  This is a quick guide to the Ride Leader job from Ian Seecof.

20180730 CIBA Ride Leader Video.avi  This is an 8 minute video introduction to the job from Ian Seecof.


Top Five Goals as a Ride Leader:

1. Plan a SAFE, enjoyable ride: the start location, the routes, and the SAG locations.

2. Paint "Dan Henrys" where needed to ensure riders follow the planned routes.

3. Prepare a complete and easy-to-read map, cue sheet, or both.

4. Plan your pre-ride instructions in advance to ensure that nothing important is left out.

5. Provide adequate SAG support for the ride

Ride Chair
Marc Walter

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